It’s Not Your People, It’s Your Process.

have you a telephone in your home

“Have you a telephone in your home?”

That was the sales pitch of the first “modern” sales force.

Wow, we have come a long way. Imagine how awesome it must have been to be on this sales team: you knocked on a door, and either the person answering said “yes” or “no”. That must have been a sales dream job. Wait. It was.

Today, things are a wee bit different. Yet we expect our sales people to operate the same way as these folks did back in 1873.

Let’s face it, you didn’t hire a salesperson and think, “Wow, this guy is going to stink at sales!”

So what happened?

The sales process has not advanced since 1873. That’s right; the founder of NCR first documented the sales process which, tragically, is still followed by most organizations today. We’ve created the Sales Leadership Forum to help sales leaders bring their processes into the 21st century.

Think about it. The advice to “work harder”, “make cold calls”, and “work smarter” just doesn’t cut it today. Maybe in 1873 it did, and perhaps even in 1973. But how decision makers buy products and services has completely transformed.

Today, the buyer is in charge. Up to 92% of decisions to buy are made BEFORE a call is even placed.

What we are going to do, together, is create a sales process that’s ready for the year 2016. What this means is that you will develop a process, a play book, for your sales. Nothing will be left to chance.
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