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Not Sales Training but Sales Re-Thinking.
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You hired your sales people because they were competent. And they are. But maybe your whole sales process is stuck in the 80’s, the 1880’s! Literally, the sales process many companies still use today was created way back then. And guess what, it used to work. But that model changed in the 1990’s. So why do we still want our sales team to prospect, sell and manage like 100 years ago?

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World class organizations are already re-engineering their processes to create SUPER HEROES. Are you ready to do the same? In the meantime, we will introduce your team to best practices for sales results using ROSS – Results Oriented Sales System. And bring in state of the art training for the rest of your team. Remember, every front facing employee has a chance to help or hurt your bottom line.

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What’s your LQ – Leadership Quotient?

What the heck is LQ anyway, and how can it help you drive productivity, revenue and personal satisfaction? We will make the business case that it’s leadership that builds and drives revenue, not management. And by discovering areas to improve leadership, you can drive revenue in ways your competition can’t. We start each client with a deep analysis of your sales potential. We introduce seventeen (yes, 17) factors that affect your sales and show how even slight, incremental leadership improvements in each will result in massive top and bottom line improvements in the medium and long term. But we also show you how the whole company can and should be involved in driving revenue, adding value and making an impact in the markets you serve.

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Find and fix hidden productivity problems

Why are you selling less than your competition? Why is there a revolving door at your firm? How can you create a world class organization that attracts and retains top talent while acting courageously and creatively in the marketplace?

Personal Branding & Vision

We are a specialty agency that not only builds revenue, but helps you define your personal and corporate brand from the inside out. Why do you exist? What motivates you? How can you use your true vision to change the world and make money at the same time. Vision, branding & purpose are one and the same and we help you define true meaning through 1:1 coaching and assessments that have been validated and proven to work.

About Your Professors

Are we just "consultants"?
Sales is the only business function that hasn't caught up with modernity.

There was a time when you could call an executive and "his" secretary would schedule you for an appointment. There was a time when sales people were the best and only source of product information. There was a time when you were the only game in town. Today, 92% of sales decisions are made BEFORE a sales person is called. Today, people don't even check their voicemail. Today, picking up the phone to hear a sales person on the other end is like, well, do you like getting calls from sales people? And making thoses calls is worse than a root canal. Why are you torturing your sales people and your bottom line? The time of "more calls" or "more prospecting" doesn't work. Your sales show it. Sales morale is at an all time low and sales managers on the average stay less than eighteen months before moving to greener pastures. You need to revolutionize your sales process. Sales Professors will bring you best practices from across industries and continents. And we will guide you every step of the way to ensure that your sales grow significantly.

What the heck is wrong with sales today?

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